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Raising Funds

ABW’s fundraising role is very important. Due to severe cutbacks, the district (WSCUHSD) funding allows under $10 per student per year to cover all expenses. Actual costs per student approach $300 per year. ABW fully funds the Program Coordinator position, along with instruments, music, transportation and much more.

Our primary sources of income are the per-student donation of $150.00 from each family; proceeds from student concerts; the Analy Fall Music Festival; and several fundraisers during the year (i.e. pie sale, mattress sale, pasta feed, etc.).

How You Can Help

The best thing you can do is make the $150 donation to ABW on behalf of your student. You can pay directly by cash or check or pay through our PayPal account. This money goes directly to the Analy Instrumental Music Program. If you can afford more, it will be greatly appreciated.

Another critical way to help is to volunteer at ABW fundraising events.

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Send your check to PayPal PayPal Payment Plan
Analy Band Wagon
PO Box 2154
Sebastopol, CA 95473
$/month for months.

Double your gift! Some companies will match their employees' charitable donations. Be sure to ask your employer about donation matching.

Your donation may be tax deductible! Analy Band Wagon is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Our Tax ID Number is 68-0342897


Support the Analy Band Wagon with the Benefit-Mobile smartphone app. Click to download for Apple or Android. Search for "Analy Band Wagon" under non-profits, not schools.

The eScrip program is a great way to help finance the Analy Instrumental Music program without costing you a dime. Sign up at and follow the instructions for registering your credit card numbers and supermarket membership numbers. You may register online using their secure system. Please use the Analy Band Wagon's Group ID Number: 139618580 when you register. Once you are registered with eScrip and shop at participating businesses, a percentage of your total purchases will be donated to the Analy Band Wagon.

If you have any questions regarding the eScrip program, see our eScrip FAQ.

Are you looking for a restaurant to try? If you have a credit card registered with eScrip, take your card and your family out to eat at a participating restaurant. Find one near you here.

Here are a few ways to keep up to date with what's going on at Analy and especially in the Instrumental Music Program.

  • Subscribe to Analy Bands and Orchestra (ABO) News! This method is even better than searching through your student's backpack. Janis will keep you informed. Click here for information on subscribing to the ABO News.
  • Subscribe to the Analy News. Emails go out to subscribers announcing upcoming events and changes in schedules. There is more information about the Analy News here.
  • If you want to be kept informed but the newsletters above give more information than you want, subscribe to ABW Music Notes! We'll send you emails to let you know about concerts, competitions and other upcoming musical events of interest. Click here for more information and to subscribe.
  • Also keep an eye on our Calendar. We keep it up to date.

The best way to keep informed about when help is needed is by subscribing to the ABO Newsletter.

Volunteer Opportunities within Analy Band Wagon

Board: The ABW board meets monthly in the band room. Times and dates are listed on this website’s calendar. There are 6 voting positions on the board, and any instrumental music student’s parent or guardian can be a non-voting member-at-large. Board meetings are open to the public. Anyone can attend.

Volunteering Directly for the Instrumental Music Program: Janis Snyder, Program Coordinator, keeps families informed of when volunteers are needed through the ABO news. Volunteers are always needed for the following activities:

  • Uniform fittings at the beginning of the school year, and before concerts and parades
  • Travel chaperones
  • Selling tickets and refreshments at the band concerts

Last updated Wednesday September 04, 2019

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